Simple Solutions to Dengue Worries...

"Most Dengue Sufferers Don’t Fully Recover Because of Their Follow-Up."

Dengue Recovery is Your Big Hurdle

Suffering a Dengue infection is bad enough, but underestimating the damage Dengue does to our lives and livers is worse.

Dengue’s after-effects can last for years and be worse than the original disease. It saps energy, interferes with relationships and creates misery. Yet it’s completely unnecessary because:

  • You can prevent 99% of Dengue infections with a little information and a few simple precautions.

  • You can relieve your symptoms with information, inexpensive drugs and natural remedies.

  • You can recover much quicker by following 3 basic steps.

  • You can recover completely if you understand WHY your symptoms won’t go away and know what to do about them.

You don’t have to get dengue. And you can avoid a near-death experience if you do get it. And you can make a full recovery after the worst is over.

Knowledge is power. Don’t be a victim for Dengue. 

Can you afford 3 painful weeks out of your life? Or be talking about ‘my dengue symptoms’ 5 years after your infection. You can’t afford to cut corners with your health.

Knowledge is power. Dealing with Dengue helps you use it. Wisely.


Dengue Doesn't Have to be Crippling!

You can beat Dengue. All you need is the right information. If you or a loved one already suffers from Dengue you’ll know what to do. And if you’re still grappling with its after-effects, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Sadly, we’ve been under-served in this regard. There aren’t many reliable sources you can turn to for valid information on how to deal with Dengue. And the sources that do exist tend to cover only part of the problem and are as dry as a crummy pancake. They hardly inspire you to action, shall we say?

That’s why I wrote Dealing with Dengue: Preventing, Diagnosing, Treating, and Recovering. I wanted to cover the whole spectrum of the disease and, incidentally, introduce an entirely new element into our knowledge of the disease.


Dealing With Dengue: The Complete Guide

Dealing With Dengue: The Complete Guide is a complete resource that will walk you through the entire process of a Dengue infection, from the first case study – reported by a Chinese physician 800 years ago – to the most up-to-date information from both the pharmaceutical industry and the naturopathic community. Every preventive trick in the book, including the most important and most commonly overlooked.

All the way through non-harmful treatments to a recovery regime that will restore you to 100% of your old self.

Best of all, you’ll understand why you’re doing everything and how it all fits together.
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As you read this book you’ll realize why so much information about Dengue is just plain wrong. You’ll see the entire chain of causation of the disease and you’ll know where to intervene in the process. You’ll be able to:

  • Positively identify Dengue symptoms, using the most comprehensive list ever assembled.

  • Differentiate Dengue symptoms from similar diseases (like Chikungunya and Yellow Fever).

  • Know exactly what to do, immediately, to control your symptoms.

  • Know exactly what not to do to avoid making things worse.

  • Be out of bed in days instead of weeks.

  • Recover fully to prevent years of debilitating of symptoms.

  • Understanding the danger that a Dengue infection creates for everyone around them.

  • Know what to do to prevent a recurrence.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What not to Do if You Get Dengue

Chapter 2. What is Dengue?

Chapter 3. Diagnosing Dengue

Chapter 5. Folk Remedies

Chapter 6. Children & Dengue

Chapter 7. Pregnancy & Dengue

Chapter 8. Severe Dengue

Chapter 9. Painkillers & Your Liver

Chapter 10. Recovery & TCM

Chapter 11. Doctors & Drugs

Chapter 12. Immunity

Chapter 13. Lab Tests

Chapter 14. Somebody Stop Me!

Chapter 15. Call Me Aedes

Chapter 16. 99% Prevention

Chapter 17. Insecticides & Repellents

Chapter 18. Traps, Nets, Coils & More

Chapter 19. Case Studies

Chapter 20. Automatic Transmission

Chapter 21. Vaccines, Bacteria & GMOs

Chapter 22. Regular Mosquito Bites

Chapter 23. Your Community

Chapter 24. Blogs, Links, Downloads

Chapter 25. Myths & Rumors

Chapter 26. Videos

Chapter 27. Dengue for MDs

A Special Note from Godfree Roberts

Hello! I’m Godfree Roberts. After a close call with Dengue I spent a year researching the disease, trying to discover why it’s spreading and what I could do about it.

Along the way I talked to scientists who’ve devoted their lives to studying the disease, doctors who’ve treated thousands of cases, and Health Department officials whose job is to to prevent it. i looked at places that had eliminated Dengue decades ago – and now find themselves overwhelmed with Dengue epidemics.

I worked tirelessly on this for over a year and, I’m happy to say, made at least two significant discoveries that will change forever how we think of – and treat – Dengue Fever. I conducted interviews around the tropics and flew to areas where Dengue us now emerging for the first time.

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